Promote gender equality

The United Nation estimates that women account for about two-thirds of the 750 million illiterate adults in the world. Although this statistic  might not sound right to Americans, internationally, women and girls are often left behind in education, health and financial literacy.  Due to the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, most girls have drop out of school, unwanted pregnancies, and insecurity of sexual abuse and frequent attacks from armed men. Most of them have become consumers of illicit drugs and victims of gender based violence. We encourage girls to use their voices to advocate for equality and denounce gender bias, take on leadership roles in their schools, communities and organizations and help them to identify gender stereotypes through questioning their ideas. Through our social enterprise development programs, we  mentor and support hard working adolescent girls from marginalized communities in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Giving adolescent girls equal opportunities not only allows them to achieve their full potentials, it creates a more productive and equitable society. The objective of this programme is to empower the girl child through social enterprise development programs, ensuring  self independence  and economic sustainability. 

As a result of the anglophone crisis the girl child resident in any crisis affected community in the Northwest region of Cameroon is expose to gender based violence from the different armed factions and  there is therefore the need to offer psychosocial support to adolescent girls  who have experience gender based violence, become substance use/abuse victims, internally displaced, orphans and vulnerable as a result of poverty ,fear and insecurity. Our objective of this programme is to enable the girl-child reach her full potentials.