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We are Creating the Best tomorrow future a place for everyone

What we do

Through an intensive six months program, fifteen beneficiaries  receives training in life skills education, arts and social enterprise development programs. We train and empower our beneficiaries to carry on art and  social enterprise development initiatives to enable them set up small business ventures for income generation and economic self reliance after a period of six months.

We offer psychosocial support and counseling, mental health education,  provide rehabilitation and reintegration strategies and connect our beneficiaries with mental health experts when need arises. As part of our programmes, we promote gender equality(girl child empowerment), promote environmental protection and  ensure food sustainability through our art and  social enterprise development programs.


Empowering marginalize youths and communities.

Collective Arts Development Association(CADA), is a development and humanitarian non-  governmental not for profit  organization. CADA’s head office is located at Mezam, Bamenda II Northwest region Cameroon. CADA was recognized as an Association in 2016 per the 1990 law of association under authorization number 55/E.29./1111/VOL.8/ALPAS

Our Values




Our Approach

Is integrated, participatory and holistic involving beneficiaries in all the stages of the project cycle. From programming, identification, formation, execution, monitoring and mentoring. With the little resources we have, through our approach we are able to bring desirable impact to the lives of children, youths and families in our communities. Our approach is participatory.


“Peace of Art” is a sub project of Collective Arts Development Association(CADA), an initiative which came about as a result of the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon that started in 2016. As a consequence to the crisis, villages, schools,administrative and socio-economic infrastructures have suffered constant attacks living most of them destroyed or burned down. Thousands of children and youths have become orphans,school drop outs, internally displaced,  unemployed, frustrated and confused. Not living out most families and surrounding communities who live in fear, insecurity, hunger and poverty.

 In Cameroon the national anti drug committee reports that, 21% of the population had used substances, 60% of whom are youths between the ages 15-25 and 12,000  young people less than 15 years of age  use  narcotic drugs and other psychoactive substances. With the outbreak and seemingly unending political crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, which characterizes administrative, educational and socioeconomic setbacks, hundreds of children and youths have drop out of school, unemployed, displaced, some have become orphans, confused, depressed and frustrated. As a consequence, most of them have gotten involve in substance use, abuse, crime and other societal vices.

Against this background, Collective Arts Development Association(CADA),came up with a sub project title” Peace of Art”. It is an initiative which seeks to transform the mindsets of marginalized groups in our communities through life skill education, art training and social enterprise development programs to enable their social, mental, psychological and economic livelihood. These marginalized groups include: most especially, substance use/abuse youth victims, ex-convicts, ex-child soldiers, internally displaced persons, orphans, the adolescent girls  and vulnerable children between the ages 12-25 years old. From  2016 through this initiative, every year we train and empower 15 youth beneficiaries to acquire skills in life skill education, art training and social enterprise development programs. Our objective is to enhance the well being of our  beneficiaries, build  resilient, enable them become economically self empowered and to contribute to  peace building in the Northwest region of Cameroon through life skill education, art training and social enterprise development programs.


Through this initiative, we also organize community outreach programs  wherein we offer  free community live skill education, art training and social enterprise development training workshops.  Provision of strategic humanitarian assistance to other marginalized children, youths and some families in our surrounding communities who have faced adversities as a result of the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon.


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Our Inspiring Team Members

Angwere Claude Che Azah


Awunti Esther Nwunibom

Programmes Coordinator


Assistant Programmes Coordinator

Achunkwe Nelson Takwi

Director in charge of Life skill education

Ndong Eric

Director in charge of Arts ,Handicrafts & Vocational Training Programmes and Logistics

Nju Bih

Project Coordinator for Mental Health Education/Advocacy, Psychosocial support and Counseling

Kain Victor Awunti

Director of Finance & Information Systems