Mental Health Education and Psycho social Support

 Mental health affects the emotional, psychological and social well-being of our beneficiaries, which affects how they think, feel and act and also helps determine how they handle stress, relate to others and to make healthy choices. Mental health education  most especially enhances the mental attitudes and general welfare of our beneficiaries who are mostly youth substance use/abuse victims(homeless in some cases), orphans, internally displaced, vulnerable children and girls as a result of the crisis in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Through such programs our beneficiaries become creatively minded, dedicated in workshop sessions and ready for learning and are better able to cope with difficult times in their personal and professional lives.

To facilitate and strengthen resilience among our beneficiaries to recover and adapt to the ills of the crisis in the Northwest region of Cameroon,  we organized psychosocial support workshops to restore the social cohesion of our beneficiaries. It is vital for it addresses their emotions and problem solving opportunities to learn new artistic skills , develop new talents,express thoughts and ideas in creative therapeutic ways.