Collective Arts Development Association(CADA)


As a result of the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon that has led to the burning down of schools and villages, the youths feel the have no future. Above 800,000 youths have been deprived of formal education, teachers and students kidnapped.The adverse effect is the rise of youth involvement in substance use, abuse, crime and violence  in these regions. In 2022, CADA came up with an initiative title “Peace of Art”. In two six months intensive programs for 30 young people we provide practical and theoretical creative and entrepreneurial skills to school drop outs and drug addicts in our art school. We aim to use art as a means of transformation to show alternatives to drug abuse and crime.




Our Mission

To transform the mindsets of disadvantaged youths(drug addicts,school drop outs,homeless and the vulnerable) through life skill education,art training and social entrepreneurship skill development for their social,mental,psychological and economic development.

Our Vision

To build a zero substance use, abuse and crime society for our youths and for the betterment of humanity through arts, life skill education and social entrepreneurship skill development.

Our Partners

Who we are

Collective Arts Development Association(CADA

Collective Arts Development Association(CADA), is a development and humanitarian non-  governmental not for profit  organization. CADA’s head office is located at  Nkwen, Bamenda III sub-division in the  Northwest region of Cameroon. CADA was recognized as an Association in 2016 per the 1990 law of association under authorization number 55/E.29./1111/VOL.8/ALPAS 

Other objectives

Ready to Change Lives? Become a Volunteer With Us!

You can volunteer as a facilitator, participant, help spread the news about transforming the mindsets of drug addicts,ex-convicts,ex-child soldiers and rebuild resilience among marginalized groups in our communities through life skill education, art training and social enterprise development programs for their social, mental, psychological and economic welfare.
Volunteer Requirements
Must be above 21 years of age
Good Skills in English Language
Discipline and respectful
Time conscious

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