I am  16 years old, a lower sixth student in a public secondary school in Batibo, a village in the Northwest region of Cameroon. As a result of the Anglophone crisis, our school, home and my parent’s shop was burned down in 2017.  Seeking for safety my family fled to Bamenda, the main town in the Northwest region of Cameroon. We became  homeless ,internally displaced and confused. I had to drug out of school because our school suffered constant attacks from both government and separatist fighters and no money for school fees since my parents shop was burned down. I became frustrated and very depressed.Through some friends, i was introduced to substance use,abuse and crime. I have been  lock up thrice for possession of illegal drugs and other crimes.

I learned about CADA’s six months training  program through a friend. At first i was not taking it seriously and still went ahead with substance use ,abuse and committing  crimes. Then one day, i met an old friend who happen to have  been a trainee from CADA. He use to be a drug addict and separatist fighter back in the village. He looked gentle, responsible and runs a self own small art shop. This made me to reflect over certain things, so i change my mind and presently i am a trainee with CADA. Since I engage in this program, idleness which is the devils workshop is out of my story, I have stop consuming marijuana and cocaine and no longer committing crimes. Just in three months I have acquired skills in basic computer literacy, graphic design and commercial printing.  I am very happy about my new life perspective and wish to be a model of positive change to other youths like me in our community.

Tallah Blaise Ngachu

I am a native from  Bamali, a village in Ngoketunja sub division in the Northwest region of Cameroon. I lost my parents in 2020 as a result of the fight between separatist fighters and government forces. Our family house was burned by government forces with my parents and  six years old sibling inside. I became homeless, drop out from school, frustrated and fled to Bamenda.  Presently I am living with an extended relative, she introduce me to CADA, and am presently learning  how to mark and design traditional dresses and how to produce traditional beads. I had no idea on computing, but today am learning how to work on a computer. I am very grateful for this initiative.


Mildred Suh